Mariachi Garibaldi 

Mariachi Garibaldi-2014

Mariachi Garibaldi is the performing ensemble from Southwestern College. It is the first school in the world to offer a college degree in mariachi music. Students study mariachi performance, music theory, instrumental and vocal technique, mariachi history, and fulfill general education requirements. Former students have moved on to receive Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Music and perform mariachi music professionally. They are beginning to fill the great need for mariachi teachers that exists across the US today. Mariachi Garibaldi has performed innumerable engagements in and around San Diego including several national education conferences. They have been featured in both American and Mexican national news broadcasts and featured prominently in the new documentary “In the Name of Mariachi Music” which details the impact the US is having on the history and future of mariachi. Their concerts at Southwestern College consistently sell out. They have traveled to perform for the famed “Encuentro de Mariachi” in Guadalajara nearly every year since 2002. They recently returned from performing in Russia in June, 2009, France in February, 2010, and China in September, 2010. They recorded a 2-CD set “Mariachis Garibaldi” in 2009, and their version of “Hotel California” was featured on the recording “Mariachi Rock-O” along with of Mariachi Vargas, Sol de Mexico, and others.

Jeff Nevin, Director
900 Otay Lakes Rd.
Chula Vista, CA 91919

Ballet Folklorico Tierra Caliente

Ballet Folklorico Tierra Caliente

The mission of the Ballet Folklorico Tierra Calente is to represent the various visual and performing artistic branches that Mexican Folklore has to offer, serving as representatives of this moving art. The group believes that their dancers not only benefit physically from the dance activity but also mentally from the dance activity. Dancing performance builds self-confidence, discipline, listening, organizational, and presentational skills that can be applied to school, home, and life in general. More than a dance group, they are a family. The older members are mentors to the young; the parents are very active, lending their support in practices, performances, meetings, etc. There are many plans for future growth relating to the personal and artistic side of “Tierra Caliente”. They want their members to succeed not only artistically, but in school and life. In the past and even more so today, they believe that Ballet Folklorico Tierra Caliente enriches its community with Mexico’s traditions and Art while at the same time fostering their leaders of tomorrow.

USD Mariachi Toreros

Mariachi USD1 copy

Mariachi Toreros from the University of San Diego was established in 2012. Under the direction of Serafin Paredes this ensemble gives students the opportunity to learn about mariachi music and perform at events on and off campus.  Mariachi Toreros has performed at events for Mexico’s former president Vicente Fox, California State legislature Dr. Shirley Weber, former USD president Mary Lyons, and many others.  Mariachi Toreros also hosts The USD Mariachi Conference.  During this conference mariachi students come to the University of San Diego to be immersed in mariachi music, learn technique, style, and musicianship from some of the best mariachi performers.